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Electric toothbrushes: the benefits
Classic Electric Toothbrush - dentist reviews clearly confirm its higher efficiency - compared to a regular manual toothbrush. The rotating head allows a brush ...

1. Removes 2 times more soft plaque -
Studies have shown that dental electric toothbrush has greater cleaning power than the traditional manual toothbrush. This is achieved through the introduction of more modern 2D- or 3D- technology rotating head movements with bristles (3D- technology is used in more expensive models).

2D technology -
It involves scoring a rotating brush head reciprocating motion, the number of which is typically 7600 per minute. This technology is not the most advanced, it is usually equipped with low electric toothbrushes.
There is, of course, 1D- technology, when the brush head moves in a circle in one direction, but is very rare to find toothbrushes, which would work with this technology.

3D technology -
It implies that a rotating brush head is apart reciprocating movements - and still make a pulsating movement amount or 20,000 or 40,000 pulsations per minute (depending on model). Firstly, the pulsating movement allows the bristles to penetrate deeper into the interdental spaces, removing microbial plaque from there.
The second advantage is that the ripple allow split (loosen) firmly-attached pigment black patina, providing it more effective removal of rotational movements. It's practically a dentist tool for polishing teeth - only in your home.

Important: in smokers, as well as fans of strong tea or coffee - electric toothbrushes can effectively remove plaque pigment, especially working on 3D- technology since it is this technology allows to break firmly attached to the tooth plaque. If you occasionally use more and bleaching zub.pasty higher abrasiveness, then it will be removed effectively from the teeth a dark patina.

People with high speed formation of microbial soft plaque and tartar solid - electric toothbrush with 3D- technology will significantly reduce the amount of solid dental plaque. Especially this effect will be noticeable if during cleaning use toothpaste with pyrophosphate, dissolving the matrix calculus.

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